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"Three hundred years
Kings priests inquisitors warlocks
The shadow of darkness cast on darkness"
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"I asked the man at the crossroads why are you waiting
He said I have no shoes on my feet"
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Two January Poems
December 2013
"No satchel - no books
The little boy walks home from school"
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"Struggle" - a poem written in 2013 for the production in Colombia of the play "Existence".
"This is the sci-tech age: science and technology
It orders the intellectual world and saturates the popular mind
People of every land long to live in this world"
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Modern Eclogue
This poem was written as a new year poem for 2013
"They come out of nowhere -- out of nothingness -- emptiness
One day they find themselves on a nameless street -- young people -- how did they get here?"
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Written January 2008
"Eighteen - summoned to serve
Stripped for the medical surveyors
Shorn - shod - clad in horsehair
Pieces of looking glass fed to the stomach
Thereafter drilled from the manual of war..."
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